I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if this turned out to be true.

Not surprised at all seeing how Europeans ruined everything good that has ever happened to Africa…

I would like to ask everyone to please take a second and calm down.

First, here is a link to the article referenced in the screenshots.

Take note that even with the sensationalist intro, it acknowledges that Dr. Broderick only makes accusations and does not adequately back up his claims.

This is a link to the article written by Dr. Broderick for The Liberian Observer.

Please take the time to read it because it is a rambling mess of an editorial.

In it he claims that Ebola is a genetically modified organism but provides no reference or evidence to this claim other than that biological weapons were researched in the 1970’s.

He references the non-fiction book ‘The Hot Zone’ which deals with the early research of the disease, but doesn’t tie it into any real world connection to human testing. He even acknowledges he hasn’t finished reading it.

From there he lists a number of viral research stations in Africa… and that’s all. He provides absolutely no evidence, even anecdotal, that people are being tested on. The reason a Canadian pharmaceutical company received a $141 million dollars to study Ebola is because that’s how much it costs to study diseases. It’s why the ALS foundation needed people to raise awareness and donate money, scientific research is incredibly expensive.

There is obviously a great deal of passion in this article and I have no doubt that Dr. Broderick had the best of intentions, but all this article has done is spread more fear.

It should never be forgotten that Africans and African Americans have been abused in the name of medical research. The example of the Tuskegee syphilis study is just one example of how racism was used to pervert actual science. It is also extremely important to acknowledge the worlds willingness to turn a blind eye to the suffering in West Africa, but none of this is evidence that Ebola is currently being developed as a weapon.

Ebola has a long incubation period where the infected individual cannot spread the disease. It is only at the end of the infection when the patient is ravaged by it’s symptoms that the virus can be spread and then only by physical contact with bodily fluids. The virus can’t be transmitted through the air. This is a terrible candidate for a biological weapon because it minimizes how quickly it can be spread before infected persons are identified.

The reason Ebola has spread so explosively in West Africa is because people are afraid of hospitals. The health system in the region is woefully underfunded and unable to deal with this level of outbreak. They don’t have the supplies or the personnel. Combined with the general lack of education about the disease, people don’t seek treatment until it’s too late. This has cultivated the idea that when you go a hospital with Ebola they kill you to stop the spread. The funeral practice of washing the dead also puts family members into contact with the virus at its most potent stage.

Spreading fear and seeding conspiracy theories will not help the people most at risk.

Ebola is a remarkably easy disease to quarantine with proper medical supplies and education. Help raise awareness about how there is a desperate need for medical supplies and professionals. Even small contributions to health organizations can have a huge impact on the situation. Thank you for your time.

Nothing… ventured… nothing… gained!


this is the complete opposite of what i ordered


when people try to argue with you about something you clearly know more about



way to go you god damn idiot egg



way to go you god damn idiot egg


"̄ͧ̂̂ͨͪ̾͛͏̖̩͉͉̘̼̼ͅḤ̗͍̩ͪͣ͛̄̇́͟e̅͟͏̣̥̗ͅy̨͇̯͚̝͌.͓̺̍ͬ̀̃ͨ͐ͣͥ̋.̠͇͚̤̹̮̗͒̃ͨ̂ͤ̎̈́.̞͕̫͇͈ͬ̈́͑̄ͮ͑͝ͅG̸̨̪͓̜̃̌̋ͤͬ̚o̵͍̳ͤ́͗̎̋̏̽̿ͤ̕t͕͍͎̗̉́ͬ̏ͨ̉ͮͮͩ̕͠ ̼̠̘̰̜̓̕ȁ̝̭̥̬̰̩̰̖̐͗̍͜n̡̜͉̗ͣ̊ͪ̃̔ͫ͗̀y̴̧̪̫̝̫̿ͭ͌͊ͫ͋͢ ̨̻̥͎̯̠̃̽ͮ̈̇̅̒̊́͢g̰̹̥̲͒ͪͩ͑ͦ̊̔̂r̟͉̠͚̖͚̻̜͗̓ͨ̆a̰̺̖ͬ̆̀ͪ̕͜p̧̡͌ͭ͊̋̒͏͈̜͇̦̱ë̡͕̟̬͈́̊̄̔s̞̜͓̱͍̟̊̂͌̇ͯ͐͝͝?͇͖̳̙ͭ̏̆ͩͦ̆ͦ̚ͅ"̺̯̻̰̭̽ͪ̊̃̄͒̿͝ͅ


"̄ͧ̂̂ͨͪ̾͛͏̖̩͉͉̘̼̼ͅḤ̗͍̩ͪͣ͛̄̇́͟e̅͟͏̣̥̗ͅy̨͇̯͚̝͌.͓̺̍ͬ̀̃ͨ͐ͣͥ̋.̠͇͚̤̹̮̗͒̃ͨ̂ͤ̎̈́.̞͕̫͇͈ͬ̈́͑̄ͮ͑͝ͅG̸̨̪͓̜̃̌̋ͤͬ̚o̵͍̳ͤ́͗̎̋̏̽̿ͤ̕t͕͍͎̗̉́ͬ̏ͨ̉ͮͮͩ̕͠ ̼̠̘̰̜̓̕ȁ̝̭̥̬̰̩̰̖̐͗̍͜n̡̜͉̗ͣ̊ͪ̃̔ͫ͗̀y̴̧̪̫̝̫̿ͭ͌͊ͫ͋͢ ̨̻̥͎̯̠̃̽ͮ̈̇̅̒̊́͢g̰̹̥̲͒ͪͩ͑ͦ̊̔̂r̟͉̠͚̖͚̻̜͗̓ͨ̆a̰̺̖ͬ̆̀ͪ̕͜p̧̡͌ͭ͊̋̒͏͈̜͇̦̱ë̡͕̟̬͈́̊̄̔s̞̜͓̱͍̟̊̂͌̇ͯ͐͝͝?͇͖̳̙ͭ̏̆ͩͦ̆ͦ̚ͅ"̺̯̻̰̭̽ͪ̊̃̄͒̿͝ͅ